HomageCollage: Logic, “Bobby Tarantino II”


🔊💜Today, March 9, 2018, Logic released his seventh mixtape, “Bobby Tarantino II.” This album became Logic’s second no. 1 on the US Billboard 200. “Bobby Tarantino II” spawned several Hot 100 tracks: ‘44 More’ (no. 22), ‘Everyday’ (no. 29), ‘Indica Badu’ (no. 56), ‘Contra’ (no. 60), ‘Overnight’ (no. 68), ‘Midnight’ (no. 74), ‘Wassup’ (no. 83), ‘Yuck’ (no. 87), ‘BoomTrap Protocol’ (no. 97), ‘Warm It Up’ (no. 98) — that’s 10 of the 13 tracks on “Bobby Tarantino II” with commercial acclaim. For the song ‘44 More,’ another incredible production by 6ix, samples ‘Waves’ by Kanye West, Chris Brown and Kid Cudi; and ‘Zoom’ by Future.

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