Quincy Jones: “Quincy”

Today, September 9, 2018, “Quincy” was released at the Toronto International Film Festival. The success of this music documentary resulted in Quincy Jones winning his 28th Grammy Award. “Quincy” won Best Music Film at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on February 10,  2019. 

Netflix officially released the film on September 21, 2018, and it has since earned accolades such as a position on the African-American Film Critics Association Top Ten List, and an esteemed Black Reel Award for Outstanding Documentary. 

Production on the documentary was handled by Paula DuPre Presmen, and co-directed by Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones (daughter of QJ).

You can purchase the film’s soundtrack album now – “Quincy: A Life Beyond Measure (Music from the Netflix Original Documentary)” includes appearances by Frank Sinatra, Lesley Gore, Ray Charles, The Brothers Johnson, and Jones himself. Also on the soundtrack is ‘Keep Reachin’ single by Jones, Mark Ronson and Chaka Khan. 

Stream ‘Keep Reachin” on YouTube today

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