Lalah Hathaway: “honestly”

Today, October 20, 2017, Lalah Hathaway released “honestly.” This sensually sophisticated album is full of soul and Self, complete with co-production and songwriting by the brilliant Tiffany Gouche. “honestly” reached nos. 9 & 45 on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart, and iTunes.  

Released independently, “honestly” is spirited, voluptuous, and encouraging. Any lover can soak up good strength from listening to this neo-soul gem. “honestly” was so impactful, it earned a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album. 

On Apple Music, the album has two tracks starred as fan favorites: ‘honestly,’ and ‘call on me.’ And, the slow & soliloquized ‘yoy’ track is also a Grammy-nominee (Best R&B Performance). Another standout track from “honestly” is the dreamy, melodious ‘i can’t wait.’ The song closes the album on an optimistic note, leaving fans wanting more.

Stream “honestly” on YouTube today

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