NHL Marcel: “Big NHL”

Today, October 26, 2020, Austin, TX indie rapper NHL Marcel‘s latest release, “Big NHL” – dropped just six days ago – already has two tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music: ‘NYC Flow’ and ‘Don’t Get Robbed.’

Starred tracks on Apple Music indicate the most popular tracks on the album, and these two prove his fans already know what they love about the authentically potent “Big NHL.” 

Technically an extended play, “Big NHL” is complete with seven tracks that could each very well end up on the US Billboard Hot 100. From the rawness of ‘Shark,’ to the street-pacing of ‘NYC Flow,’ and right up to the cautionary ‘BIG Guns,’ “Big NHL” shows NHL Marcel in a promising light. 

‘Don’t Get Robbed’ is the finest of the set, and it’s perfectly placed to close the EP, creating a huge desire for more. And with “Big NHL” being NHL Marcel’s second EP in three months, I just know more greatness is coming.

Not to leave-out the project’s prime production dusts DaBaby, and NHL Marcel’s shotta flow brings-to-mind the late New Orleans emcee Mr. Magic, NHL Marcel is a remarkably nostalgic, and undeniable talent. Speaking truth and facts about his own life, there’s really no wonder why this new EP’s streams are increasing daily.  

Stream “Big NHL” on YouTube today

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