Rahsaan Patterson: “After Hours”

Today, October 26, 2004, Rahsaan Patterson released “After Hours,” his third studio album. Just one month after its release, on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, “After Hours” peaked at no. 65. Also an international success, the album reached no. 36 on Brazilian iTunes.

“After Hours” is rich, extravagant, and Patterson’s vocals are as skilled as the universe. The latter is realized in manifesto tunes like the funky up-tempo ‘The One for Me’ and ‘You Make Life So Good,’ inspiring true love. While the more serious, self-loving songs like ‘Separate’ and ‘Sometimes (You Gotta Let Go),’ encourage balance and peace of mind. 

On Apple Music, ‘The One for Me’ is starred as a fan favorite – and rightfully so – as it begins “After Hours” with expressive and skillful textures. 

Watch Patterson perform “The One for Me” on YouTube today

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