Destiny’s Child: “Destiny Fulfilled”

Today, November 16, 2004, Destiny’s Child released “Destiny Fulfilled,” their fifth, and alleged final studio album. This harmonious album reached no. 2 on the US Billboard 200, and no. 5 internationally, on the UK Official Albums chart. 

What makes “Destiny Fulfilled” the most special of all five DC albums, is that all three ladies showed off their unique vocals. For instance, Kelly Rowland’s choral-like vocals carry her own ‘Bad Habit,’ while playing a more supportive role in the collective & joyous ‘Free.’  

And, Michelle Williams stands out as a gospel gem in ‘Free,’ helping close the song on a positive note. The same is true in the declarative, bass-heavy ‘Through With Love,’ as she sings the bridge with good conviction. 

Not to leave-out how Beyonce was a shining star on “Destiny Fulfilled,” leading nearly every song with those clear, articulate and intentional vocals – embezzled with riffs & runs that make my brow furrow in amazement. Her vocals are strong, and she flaunts vocal range throughout the album’s entirety. The perfect pre-audition for films like Dreamgirls, and Cadillac Records.

Stream “Destiny Fulfilled” on YouTube today

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