Redman: ‘BUD Like YOU’

Today, November 19, 2020, the music video for Redman’s remix of Usher’s ‘Good Kisser,’ ‘BUD like YOU,’ has upwards 2 million views on YouTube. Originally released on August 27, 2014, this remix is funny, relatable, and actually reveals more of Redman’s versatility as an artist and entertainer. 

The song ‘Good Kisser’ samples ‘Montego Bay,’ by Foster, Patricia & Angie Sylvers. Usher’s use of that funky beat was necessary for music’s evolution, much like Redman’s recreation of it. Redman’s performance on ‘BUD like YOU’ was genius; lyrically, he changed the entire concept of the song, and still made it fly. This ode to top-tier marijuana, and the sometimes shady, unreliable suppliers, should be on all the major hip-hop playlists, let alone a Redman covers album. 

Redman directed the visual for ‘BUD like YOU’ himself, and from the 1400+ comments, fans are feeling this remix. One stated, “Redman is one of the best to do it, very underrated unappreciated real talk,” which, I agree. And, another admitted, “too funny… Red was SANGIN’ lmbo! He didn’t sound too bad when he got into it tho…lol.” 

Stream ‘BUD like YOU’ on YouTube today

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