Crew Cuts: ‘Sh-Boom’

Today, December 2, 1954, ‘Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)’ by the Crew Cuts ended it’s nine-week run at no. 12 on the UK Official Singles chart. Though popularized by the Crew Cuts, the song was originally written and recorded by The Chords, and released through Atlantic Records subsidiary, Cat Records.

This doo-wop, rock & roll song has been kept alive by serval artists since it’s 1954 release. In addition to Crew Cuts, among those who’ve recorded their own versions were The Four Lads, The Trevor Horn Orchestra, Hyannis Sound, TT Grace, Spider Murphy Gang, The California Raisins, and more. 

In recent cable culture, The Chord’s version of ‘Sh-Boom’ played in an unforgettable car ride in the season finale of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. 

Stream ‘Sh-Boom’ by the Crew Cuts on YouTube today

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