Next Up: NHL Marcel

Austin, Texas rapper NHL Marcel released his “Hard to Trust” album back in July 2020. This is actually a monumental debut for NHL Marcel, as he – in just eight tracks, shows mainstream readiness in the modern production, honest songwriting and delivery. 

Hard to Trust” is perfect for night and day driving, clubbing, and it easily encourages the go-getter mindset. The beats, produced by westworldwaves, are kinetic, and warmly savage. Tracks ‘War’ and ‘Paid’ are anthems for those who work not just hard, but intentionally towards the achievement of their goals.

The pulsing, keyboard and bass-heavy ‘Visa’ featuring 34 Brat is definitely one for the pool party playlist, followed by ‘Why You Tripping?’ – a creative and clear mission statement to go hard or go home. The conversational ‘Been Up’ featuring 44 Baby has straightforward songwriting, and though vulgar, speaks directly to NHL Marcel’s realness. 

Never Had Love Strap is featured on ‘Racks,’ bringing the album’s mood right back up on a playful, yet powerful note. Note indeed, as the ‘Shark’ rapper speaks into existence his own glow up. The song is soundtrack material, possibly HBO’s Insecure. 

And T.Y helps bring this set to a close with the cool & cocky ‘O.T.G.,’ subtly calling to mind Jay-Z’s ‘Big Pimpin’.’ The song title is an acronym standing for “on the grind.” 

Stream “Hard to Trust” on YouTube today

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