21 Savage: “i am > i was”

Today, December 21, 2018, 21 Savage released his sophomore studio album, “i am > i was.” In  January 2020, the album earned platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. Unsurprisingly, the album performed well internationally – reaching nos. 1 & 33, on the Billboard 200, iTunes and the Official Charts.

A fan favorite on “i am > i was” is the J. Cole collaboration ‘a lot,’ in which 21 Savage embodies resilience and purpose. Produced by J. White and DJ Dahi, the album’s first track, ‘a lot,’ samples ‘I Love You’ by East of Underground and packs a punch lyrically; aided by a minimal, equally stylized beat. ‘a lot’ is a platinum-seller, 4x over. 

Also on this day, ‘a lot’ debuted at nos. 23 and 82 on iTunes US & Canada

Stream “i am > i was” on YouTube today 

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