Jidenna: ‘Knickers’

Today, December 21, 2015, Jidenna released his ‘Knickers’ single. The song is starred as a fan favorite on Apple Music, and it’s included on several HomageCollage playlists. Nana Kwabena produced this creative single, alongside Jidenna himself. 

As it turns out, ‘Knickers’ is not included on Jidenna’s debut studio album “The Chief,” but it still has plenty of power and punch as a single. The songwriting has potent plays on words, celebrating black culture, and calling out the evolutionary thievery and tainting of. 

Jidenna stands for truth, discovery and individuality, that much is clear in his musical releases since 2015’s debut. As I mention and stream this single in retrospect, it sure feels like I’ve been missing one of the best songs of the decade. If you haven’t heard ‘Knickers,’ as iconic as ‘Like a G6’ by Far East Movement, please open Spotify and stream it now. 

Watch the visual for ‘Knickers’ on YouTube today

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