Bond James Hard: “Spaced Out 2”

Today, December 26, 2020, “Spaced Out 2” by Bond James Hard (BJH)has received upwards 600 views on YouTube. Having only been out since September 26, that view count is impressive, and it is increasing.

For an independent rapper, whose already worked with esteemed hip-hop heads Kirko Bangz and Lil Flip, that increasing view count truly speaks to BJH’s mainstream potential. Better yet, it further shows he’s well on his way.

Of course, as with each BJH release, the production on “Spaced Out 2” is upbeat and catchy, melodious and rhythmic – in lyric, and beat. For example, the lyrics on ‘Look Good’ are wildly fun, and so are those of the relative ‘Star Now,’ and the amped ‘Amped.’ Listening to the former, I picture me rollin’, like Tupac said. 

The vibe also switches to a more vulnerable one in the soft & solemn ‘Get It Back,’ and in the gracious ‘Only God Knows.’ 

Bond James Hard is here to stay, so you might as well subscribe to his socials now. In fact, at this point, “Spaced Out 2” is the BJH album I call my favorite. This album is a bit more balanced than the one preceding; and since he’s been working with some seasoned artists lately, I’m excited to hear what he drops in 2021. 

Watch the official music video to ‘Ain’t My Chick’ ft. Kirko Bangz

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