Music Birthday: Darrel Walls

Today, February 8, 1991, Darrel Walls of sibling gospel group The Walls Group was born in Houston, Texas. Effortlessly adding to the divine harmonies of the group’s debut album, “Fast Forward,” Darrel and his siblings maximized their opportunity to work with Brandy and her 90’ hit, ‘Always on My Mind.’  

The group sampled ‘Always on My Mind’ in their ‘God on My Mind’ song, which features Brandy. The song is soft, spiritual, and declarative of God’s grace.

‘God on My Mind’ is track 6 of 13 on their debut album mentioned previously, and it’s one of the three features on the album – others include ‘High’ ft. Lecrae, and ‘Beautiful’ ft. Kirk Franklin.

At the 57th Annual Grammy Awards held in February 2015, The Walls Group’s ‘Love on the Radio’ track was nominated for Best Gospel Performance/Song.

Stream ‘Fast Forward” on YouTube today

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