Music Birthday: Babyface

🔊🥳Today, April 10, 1958, Babyface was born Kenneth Brian Edmonds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Babyface was instrumental in the production of P!no’s debut album, “Can’t Take Me Home,” co-creating three tracks: ‘Split Personality,’ ‘Most Girls,’ and ‘You Make Me Sick.’ The latter two were released as singles; and of those two, ‘Most Girls’ peaked on theContinue reading “Music Birthday: Babyface”

HomageCollage: Toni Braxton + Babyface, “Love Marriage & Divorce”

🔊💜Today, February 4, 2014, Toni Braxton & Babyface released “Love, Marriage & Divorce.” The album peaked at no. 4 on the US Billboard 200, and spawned ‘Roller Coaster’ as a single. The song was produced by Babyface, and sampled in ‘Friendship’ by Swedish producer Xenias. ‘Roller Coaster’ reached no. 17 on the Billboard Adult R&BContinue reading “HomageCollage: Toni Braxton + Babyface, “Love Marriage & Divorce””