Four Tet: “Pause”

🔊💜Today, May 28, 2001, Four Tet released his second studio album “Pause” in the UK. This folk-electronica album has three tracks starred as Apple Music fan favorites: ‘Glue of the World,’ ‘Everything is Alright,’ and ‘You Could Ruin My Day.’ The latter song sampled ‘Big Noise from Winnetka’ by Eric Delaney, and ‘Nimbus’ by RalphContinue reading “Four Tet: “Pause””

Air: “10 000 Hz Legend”

🔊💜Today, May 28, 2001, Air released their second studio album “10 000 Hz Legend” in France. This album peaked at no. 88 on the US Billboard 200 On June 15, 2001, and no. 2 on Billboard Independent. Air released four singles to support “10 000 Hz Legend,” and those were: ‘Radio #1,’ ‘Don’t Be Light,’Continue reading “Air: “10 000 Hz Legend””

HomageCollage: Air, “Pocket Symphony”

🔊💜Today, March 5, 2007, Air released their fourth studio album, “Pocket Symphony.” Nigel Godrich produces this album alongside Air. “Pocket Symphony” peaked at no. 40 on the US Billboard 200, becoming their highest-charting album on the chart. And on the Billboard Internet Albums Chart, this reached no. 3 and enjoyed a 7-week chart run. TheContinue reading “HomageCollage: Air, “Pocket Symphony””