Music Birthday: Dolly Parton

🔊🎉Today, January 19, 1946, Dolly Rebecca Parton was born in Locust Ridge, Tennessee. From her 1980 concept album, “9 to 5 and Odd Jobs,” the ‘9 to 5’ song has been sampled by many artists, including Aesop Rock’s ‘9-5ers Anthem,’ and Will Young’s ‘Switch it On.’ On the US Hot 100, ‘9 to 5’ isContinue reading “Music Birthday: Dolly Parton”

HomageCollage: MJB, ‘Real Love’

🔊💜Today, December 5, 1992, ‘Real Love’ by Mary J. Blige was no. 7 on the Hot 100. Song went on to spend 31 weeks on chart, and earn Blige her second gold disc from the Recording Industry Association of America. Even more, the song stylishly samples both The Honey Drippers’ ‘Impeach The President,’ and AudioContinue reading “HomageCollage: MJB, ‘Real Love’”

HomageCollage: Stereophonics, “Pull the Pin”

🔊❤️Today, October 10, 2007, Stereophonics released their sixth studio album, “Pull the Pin.” This album has hit single, ‘It Means Nothing.’ Song encourages us to take stock of the important things in our lives. Album was co-produced with Kelly Jones, and the ‘Green Door’ singer Jim Lowe.