HomageCollage: Dave Mac, “Trouble”

🔊🔊💜Today, April 18, 2016, Dave Mac released his second album, “Trouble.” This album has features from Soul, RoZe, and Kimani—with two tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music, ‘Trouble’ ft. RoZe, and ‘Come Down,’ “Trouble” is another hot set of songs by the Canadian Dave Mac.

HomageCollage: Dave Mac, “The Update”

🔊💜Today, January 20, 2017, Dave Mac released his third album “The Update.” This contemporary hip-hop set is 13 tracks long, brimming with meditative & inspirational lyrics, and catchy melodies. The song ‘Keep It Low’ boasts amazing self-confidence, and encourages the same. Another standout track on “The Update” is the Hendersin collaboration ‘Grow Up.’ The songContinue reading “HomageCollage: Dave Mac, “The Update””