Four Tet: “Pause”

🔊💜Today, May 28, 2001, Four Tet released his second studio album “Pause” in the UK. This folk-electronica album has three tracks starred as Apple Music fan favorites: ‘Glue of the World,’ ‘Everything is Alright,’ and ‘You Could Ruin My Day.’ The latter song sampled ‘Big Noise from Winnetka’ by Eric Delaney, and ‘Nimbus’ by Ralph…

Depeche Mode: “Exciter”

🔊💜Today, May 14, 2001, Depeche Mode released their 10th studio album “Exciter.” On August 15, 2001, “Exciter” earned gold certification from the RIAA. Before that however, on June 1, the album peaked at no. 8 on the Billboard 200. “Exciter” spawned the lead single ‘Dream On,’ and it reached no. 85 on the Hot 100.

HomageCollage: Dawn Richard, “Infrared – EP”

🔊💜Today, May 6, 2016, Dawn Richard released “Infrared—EP”. This 4-track extended play reached no. 58 on the American iTunes Albums Chart, and no. 12 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. Each song from this entire project has been remixed at least twice. Memorable remixes are ‘Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix),’ ‘How I Get It…

Music Birthday: deadmau5

🔊🎉Today, January 5, 1981, deadmau5 was born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. deadmau5 produced the soundtrack album to the Netflix neo-noir action film, “Polar.” On the US Billboard Soundtrack Album Sales Chart, “Polar: Music from the Netflix film,” peaked at no. 24. 

HomageCollage: Aphex Twin, “drukQs”

🔊❤️Today, October 22, 2001, Aphex Twin released his fifth studio album, “drukQs,” a double album. This set was released by Warp Records, the same source that released “Music Has the Right to Children,” by Boards of Canada in April 1998. “drukQs” reached no. 22 on the U.K. Official Albums Chart. 

HomageCollage: Caribou, “Our Love”

🔊❤️Today, October 6, 2014, Caribou released his seventh studio album, “Our Love.” Album peaked at no. 8 on the U.K. Official Albums Chart, and no. 46 here on the US Billboard 200. 

HomageCollage: Flying Lotus, “You’re Dead!”

🔊❤️Today, October 6, 2014, Flying Lotus released his fifth studio album, “You’re Dead!.” Album features greats like Craig David, and Kendrick Lamar; and it peaked at no. 19 on the US Billboard 200. My top tracks are: ‘Turtles,’ ‘Conorus, The Terminator,’ ‘Never Catch Me,’ ‘Descent into Madness,’ and ‘The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep.’ 

HomageCollage: Illenium, “Awake”

🔊❤️Today 2017 – ILLENIUM released his sophomore studio album, “Awake;” which went to no. 106 on the US Billboard 200, and no. 3 on Billboard’s chart for Top Dance/Electronica Albums – This album has ‘Crawl Outta Love’ ft. Annika Wells – Song peaked at no. 30, on Billboard’s chart for Hot Dance/Electronic Songs – This…