HomageCollage: Goodie Mob, “Still Standing”

🔊💜Today, April 7, 1998, Goodie Mob released their sophomore studio album “Still Standing.” The album peaked at no. 6 on the US Billboard 200, and spawned the hit single ‘Black Ice (Sky High)’ ft. Outkast—a production by the Grammy-winning Mr. DJ (David Sheats), which peaked at no. 50 on the Hot 100. Sheats, along withContinue reading “HomageCollage: Goodie Mob, “Still Standing””

HomageCollage: Goodie Mob, “Soul Food”

🔊💜Today, November 7, 1995, Goodie Mob released their debut studio album, “Soul Food.” Album was produced by Organized Noize, and it reached no. 45 on the US Billboard 200. The lead single ‘Cell Therapy’ reached no. 39 on the Hot 100, and has been sampled in Travis Scott’s ‘5% Tint.’