KiDD Crash: ‘Why We Gotta Go There’

Today, December 1, 2020, the official music video for ‘Why We Gotta Go There’ by KiDD Crash has nearly 130 views. After being released to YouTube just four days ago, that rising view count speaks to Crash’s star power, you can call it “staying power.” ‘Why We Gotta Go There’ is track four on KiDDContinue reading “KiDD Crash: ‘Why We Gotta Go There’”

NHL Marcel: “Big NHL”

Today, October 26, 2020, Austin, TX indie rapper NHL Marcel‘s latest release, “Big NHL” – dropped just six days ago – already has two tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music: ‘NYC Flow’ and ‘Don’t Get Robbed.’ Starred tracks on Apple Music indicate the most popular tracks on the album, and these two proveContinue reading “NHL Marcel: “Big NHL””

Toiné Houston: “I Be.”

🔊💜Today, May 23, 2019, Toiné Houston released “I Be.” Houston’s album has these three tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music: ‘I Be,’ ‘Flippant,’ and ‘You and I.’ On May 3, 2020, Houston released the video to ‘Flippant’ on YouTube—the visual was directed by Josh “Chicago” Jones.