NHL Marcel: “Big NHL”

Today, October 26, 2020, Austin, TX indie rapper NHL Marcel‘s latest release, “Big NHL” – dropped just six days ago – already has two tracks starred as fan favorites on Apple Music: ‘NYC Flow’ and ‘Don’t Get Robbed.’ Starred tracks on Apple Music indicate the most popular tracks on the album, and these two proveContinue reading “NHL Marcel: “Big NHL””

Rahsaan Patterson: “Love In Stereo”

Today, October 19, 1999, Rahsaan Patterson released his sophomore studio album, “Love In Stereo.” This contemporary soul album reached no. 51 on the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart; and internationally on Spanish iTunes at no. 83.  The album’s beautifully affirmative lead single, ‘Treat You Like A Queen,’ is a rhythmic and powerful production byContinue reading “Rahsaan Patterson: “Love In Stereo””

HomageCollage: Dave Mac, “The Update”

🔊💜Today, January 20, 2017, Dave Mac released his third album “The Update.” This contemporary hip-hop set is 13 tracks long, brimming with meditative & inspirational lyrics, and catchy melodies. The song ‘Keep It Low’ boasts amazing self-confidence, and encourages the same. Another standout track on “The Update” is the Hendersin collaboration ‘Grow Up.’ The songContinue reading “HomageCollage: Dave Mac, “The Update””