HomageCollage: Various Aritsts, “High School Music OST”

🔊💜Today, January 10, 2006, the High School Musical Cast released the soundtrack album to the classic Disney film of the same name. This album has vocals by Drew Seeley, adding depth to Zac Efron’s vocals. For the song ‘Getcha Head in the Game,’ B5 provided vocals. And, the inspirational ‘We’re All in This Together’ peakedContinue reading “HomageCollage: Various Aritsts, “High School Music OST””

Music Birthday: Vanessa Hudgens

🔊🎉Today, December 14, 1988, Vanessa Anne Hudges was born in Salinas, California. Her debut studio album, “V,” has earned gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. Album has classic pop song ‘Come Back to Me,’ and ‘Say OK.’ Both songs saw the Hot 100: ‘Come Back to Me’ (no. 55), and ‘Say OK’Continue reading “Music Birthday: Vanessa Hudgens”

HomageCollage: Vanessa Hudgens, “V”

🔊❤️Today 2006 – Vanessa Hudgens released “V,” her debut album – Before being certified gold in early 2007, “V” went to no. 24 on the US Billboard 200 – Album spawned ‘Come Back to Me,’ and ‘Say OK,’ and they went to nos. 55 & 61 on the Hot 100 – Hudgens recorded “V” duringContinue reading “HomageCollage: Vanessa Hudgens, “V””