Music Birthday: Anderson Paak

🔊🎉Today, February 8, 1986, Anderson Paak was born Brandon Paak Anderson, in Oxnard, California. On February 6, 2016, his sophomore studio album “Malibu” peaked at no. 79 on the US Billboard 200. The album spawned ‘Come Down’ as a single, and it was produced by Hi-Tek. The song contains samples of ‘Hatikvah’ by Naphtali HerzContinue reading “Music Birthday: Anderson Paak”

Rest in Paradise: Makaveli

🔊✝️Today 1996 – The timeless Lesane Parish Crooks, better known as Tupac Shakur, passed away from his drive-by gunshot wounds of the week prior – From 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me,” the double-sided single ‘How Do U Want It/California Love’ reached no. 1 on the US Hot 100 – These songs still bang, just like anythingContinue reading “Rest in Paradise: Makaveli”

Music Birthday: Eazy-E

🔊🎉Today 1963 – The late, loved Eric “Eazy-E” Wright was born in Compton, California – ‘Just tah Let U Know,’ the lead single from his second & final studio album “Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton,” peaked at no. 45 on the US Hot 100; becoming his first single to chart as solo artistContinue reading “Music Birthday: Eazy-E”